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Let's get the adventure started! But first, coffee...Base Camp is our everyday house blend. Dependable. Delicious. Organic.


We carefully blend and small batch craft roast our go-to brew for a full bodied cup with smooth chocolate and nutty flavors, and a subtle fruit sweet finish.


Whether you're hitting the trail, the office, or a cozy chair, this is an enjoyable choice. Base Camp brews well across a variety of brew methods, including cold brew or flash brew iced coffee. You can even find it packaged as a single serve pack in our collaboration with Steeped Coffee (available in shops and online). 


Brew tip: In our cafes, we use a 16:1 ratio for our batch drip brewers (with filtered water!), and a medium-fine grind size. Let us know how you like to brew it!

AH Wholesale Base Camp

PriceFrom $11.00
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