This is a direct trade coffee, sourced from Alimsa Cafe - the Mena family coffee farms in the Ahuachapan region of El Salvador. This 6th generation family operation handles their coffee entirely, from nursery through export, and the care they put into their production is evident in the cup.


This strictly bourbon variety is grown at the Finca Villa España estate, and has been processed using a honey method - hybrid of both dry and washed processing - which delivers a full body and well balanced mix of syrupy sweet, tangy apricot and citrus flavors coupled with warm chocolate and mild pecan flavors.


The benefits of direct trade include working directly with the farmer, gaining greater insight into the coffee production and learn more about ways we can support their endeavor - as well as sharing how much our community enjoys their coffee! Give them a follow @alimsacafe on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about their operation.

El Salvador Villa España

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