This coffee checks many boxes for things we love about Ethiopian coffee - heirloom variety, organically grown at a single farm estate, hand harvested and naturally processed, and we can't get enough of the incredible aroma when ground before diving into complex tasting notes that include peach, pear, floral, and caramel flavors.


It is tasty on larger batch brews, but really shines across the spectrum of single cup brew methods, to be sipped and enjoyed as you ponder the long history of coffee origin in Ethiopia and the incredible journey of coffee from seed to cup. Cheers!


Allona Farm is owned by a locally incorporated company known as Guji Highland Coffee Plantation, which in addition to owning and operating the 200 hectare Allona Farm also supports regional coffee growers through local coffee processing and milling services; their greater community in general by building and maintaining over 15km of roads for market & school access; and have installed water filtration systems that service over 100 families in the region.

Ethiopia Guji Allona Farms

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